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Seit Sommer 2006 sind wir Besitzer eines silber-metallic farbenen MX-5 Bj. 1998 (NB). Mit den Freunden der HFK-Crew ( unternehmen wir seit dieser Zeit Fahrten in die nähere und weitere Umgebung.

HFK Tour 2008 (MX-5/Miata)

Annual MX-5 Meeting / Jahrestreffen 2007

HFK Tour 2007 (MX-5/Miata)

Old Pueblo Miata Club (OPMC)

Tucson (Arizona)

February 2004, Birgit and I bought an 91 red Mazda MX-5/ Miata (NA) and we joined the Old Pueblo Miata Club (OPMC) in Tucson, Arizona. We were members of this club until December 2006. During this time we made many new friends and we did a lot of drive outs together. We have enjoyed every day, every journey and every get-together with the club as you can see at the following pictures ( Best of 2004”, “Best of 2005” and “Best of 2006”).

Thank you to all OPMCer, and Keep on zooming!

Best of OPMC 2006

Best of OPMC 2005

Best of OPMC 2004